• Non-Degree Students

    Want to advance your professional skills, continue your education or take pre-requisites? LaGuardia can help you achieve whatever you set out to do.

    The Admissions Office will accept Non-Degree/Visiting student applications for Fall 2021 Session II from Wednesday, November 3 through Friday, December 17. Online registration will take place Tuesday, December 21.

  • Apply as a non-degree/visiting student

    Non-degree/visiting students are those taking courses for college credit but are not pursuing a degree. Credits you earn are transferable to degree programs at LaGuardia or other colleges.

    Why take non-degree courses?

    • You’re admitted elsewhere but would like to take a class your school doesn’t offer.
    • You need classes as pre-requisites for your degree at another institution.
    • You’re looking for certification for your job.
    • You want to improve your academic record and prepare for admission to a specific program.
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  • Fall 2021 Session II Deadlines

    Application Open: November 3–December 17, 2021
    Registration: TTuesday, December 21, 2021
    First day of classes: Monday, January 3, 2022

    Non-degree Tuition & Fees

    Academic Status *New York City/State Resident Tuition (Per Semester) Out-of-City/State Resident & International Student Tuition (Per Semester)(s) Student Fees Application Fees
    Non-Degree $265 (Per tuition unit no maximum cap) $420 (Per tuition unit no maximum cap) $208.45 (full-time)
    $104.95 (part-time)
    Non-Degree Senior Citizens (60 and Older) Consolidated Fee: $15.00
    Administrative Fee (per Session) $65.00

  • Before You Apply

    Here are some important things to know before you apply as a non-degree student.

    • Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid, which means you pay out of pocket. Review our tuition and fees above.
    • Non-degree students are not allowed to register for certain classes that are subject to restrictions, such as nursing classes, field work and internships.
    • F-1 students attending another college in the U.S. must be given permission for the non-degree program from their home school DSO. F-1 students outside the U.S. are not eligible for this program.

    After You Apply

    • Please allow 5-7 busines days for your application to be processed.
    • Watch your inbox – once you’re admitted, you will receive an email from LaGuardia.
    • After you’re admitted, you can register for classes in CUNYfirst. (See how to use Schedule Builder.)