In order to succeed in the Information Security Certificate course, you need to have a knowledge of the basics. Students who answer at least 13 questions correctly may bypass the IT Support Specialist Program and enroll in Information Security. All other students must start with the IT Support Specialist program.


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    Screening Test

    Please select the correct answer or answers.


    1. What is the primary difference between a hub and a switch?


    2. DNS stands for:


    3. In Windows Operating System, what command starts the Registry Editor?


    4. What is the system variable for the windows directory?


    5. What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?


    6.What are the components of the TCP "three-way handshake"


    7. What commands would I use in Windows Command Prompt and Linux Terminal to display contents of a directory, respectively?


    8. What command would I use in Windows Command Prompt and Linux Terminal to query the Domain Name System (DNS) to obtain name or IP address mapping?


    9. What is a function of a gateway?


    10. How many bits are in the IPv4 and IPv6 address, respectively?


    11. What kind of "network topology" would best describe the Wide Area Networks (WAN) that make up the internet?


    12.  What would the command "chmod 664" do to a file in Linux/Unix and Mac OS X Operating systems?


    13. How do you elevate privileges in a Linux/Unix or Mac OS X terminal for only one (singular) command?


    14. What is the most common File System found on computers running Windows Operating System?


    15.  What cross-platform software allows one to run different operating systems in a "virtual environment"?


    16. What does the command "cd../.." do in Windows Command Prompt and /or a Linux Terminal?


    17. What common port is assigned to telnet?


    18. Firmware is the name given to any software that is encoded in?


    19. What is the maximum amount of total RAM supported by a 32-bit Operating System?


    20. Which one of these IPv4 addresses is in "private address space" (RFC1918)?