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Community College and the Future of the Humanities

When: Thursday, October 18, 2018 5:30 PM - Friday, October 19, 2018 6:30 PM

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Repeats: Until Friday, October 19, 2018 2:30 PM

Where: E-Building, Main Stage Theater


Community colleges are redefining the importance and centrality of the humanities to the lives of the “new majority” of students, both during their academic careers and after graduation. To explore and celebrate the role of humanities within community colleges and across the broader landscape of higher education, the CUNY Humanities Alliance is hosting a special conference for college students, graduate students, faculty, and administrators. This interactive, participation-focused conference will feature a wide diversity of voices, perspectives and positions, with a focus on students, faculty and staff with direct experience in community colleges.

Late Registration is now open to those who missed the first registration deadline but wish to attend the “Community College and the Future of the Humanities” conference.

Registration is required; the conference is free. To ensure an accurate count for materials and food, please register as soon as possible. The process is easy and informative.

If you would like to bring your class to one of the conference sessions, there is also an option to register your whole group. If you do so, please email and tell us what session you plan to bring your course to, and how many students you have. That way, we can make sure the session is in a large enough room to accommodate your class.

This conference will provide an opportunity to explore how the humanities are taught in community colleges and how the humanities affects the daily lives and career choices of the “new majority” students enrolled in community colleges. The conference will demonstrate the critical importance of community colleges in the landscape of higher education, and examine the human, structural, and institutional barriers faced by contemporary community college students and faculty.

We will further explore the possible connections between graduate education and community college teaching. Given that more than 50% of undergraduate students attend community colleges, doctoral students stand to benefit from preparation for careers at community colleges and other teaching-intensive institutions. The CUNY Humanities Alliance and other similarly-focused programs supported by the Andrew W. Mellon foundation serve as case studies of innovative partnerships between research institutions and community colleges committed to providing the next generation of scholars and educators with a grounded understanding of the theory and practice of student-centered pedagogies.

Visit the CUNY Humanities Alliance for more information.