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    LaGuardia Community College faculty members can offer timely expertise, commentary, and perspective on topics ranging from astrophysics, biology, criminal justice, deaf studies, English as a second language, environmental science, New York City social/political history, nursing, philosophy, workforce development, and more. To request an interview, please contact LaGuardia’s public relations team.

  • Professor Tonya Hendrix Portrait photo

    Professor Tonya Hendrix
    Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences

    Q: How did you get into the field of science?

    A: I was born with a love for science, questioning (my poor mom), and coming up with many possible answers (again, my poor mom). I was fortunate to attend rigorous high school and pre-college science programs with a few key teachers and professors who could support me through transitions and tough times. Then I attended a phenomenal...


  • Professor Jason Hendrickson's Portrait image

    Professor Jason Hendrickson
    Assistant Professor of English

    Q: What was your area of concentration in school?

    A: I switched several times. I came in thinking I was going to do computer science. I also got a marketing and management certificate. In sophomore year I was even leaning towards anthropology. Then I realized that most of the classes I liked and did most well on were African and African American studies...


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