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  • Single Stop Benefits 

    benefitsAt LaGuardia, we make success possible for students by providing resources that help them stay in school and excel academically. Single Stop offers the following services:

    Food Pantry
    - No eligibility to receive nonperishable food items.
    Clothing Closet – New and gently used clothing. No eligibility to receive.

  • Click here to see if you qualify.

    If you qualify, we will assist you with completing applications, give you all the information you will need about necessary documents, and make sure you are as prepared as possible for a successful outcome.
    A special service we now offer is that if you qualify for the SNAP program, (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) also known as Food Stamps, you can apply directly for food stamps in our offices.

    To see if you qualify for Benefits or if you need help with existing services, contact us to make an appointment at (718) 482-5135 or (718) 482-5129.

    Completely FREE tax preparation and E-File submission through this special IRS approved program for both state and federal taxes is available to students and their families.

    Get Free Tax Preparation Services at LaGuardia Community College in Room C109.

    Tax Preparation coming soon

    No appointment is necessary.

    Please remember to bring:

    • Photo ID,
    • Social Security cards
    • ITINs for everyone who will be on your taxes
    • W-2, 1099's, etc.

    If you have any questions regarding tax preparations please call the Single Stop Office at 718.482.5135/5129 or email singlestop@lagcc.cuny.edu.




    Affordable Healthcare Act (Mondays)

    Help the students if they need the following:

    • New application for Medicaid
    • New application for Child health plus low income
    • Re certification for Medicaid and Child Health Plus low income
    • Emergency Medicaid for undocumented immigrants
    • Re certification for emergency Medicaid for undocumented immigrants

    People can buy Private Health Insurance in this special situation only from April 15th to Nov 14th 2014

    • If lost of essential health coverage or will lose coverage
    • If lost the job and no income is coming
    • If marriage of domestic partnership
    • If no longer incarcerated
    • If became a US Citizen, US National or legal permanent resident
    • Gained a dependent due to birth, adoption, placement for adoption or placement in foster care
    • Permanent move from out of state

    Queens Legal Services Legal Services NYC (Every 3rd Wednesday) 

    Provides free consultation and representation to immigrants in the following areas: 

    • Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) (self petitions to adjust legal status for undocumented victims of domestic violence)
    • Naturalization Applications and Appeals (our Immigrant Citizenship Projects in the Bronx and Manhattan received excellent ratings in their recent evaluations by the Department of Youth and Child Development)
    • Green Card and Work Permit Renewals
    • Family Based Immigration Petitions.

    Legal-Aid Society

    The Legal Aid Society provides free services for students who cannot afford counsel.
    Legal matters include:

    • Civil – Housing, benefits, disability, domestic violence, family issues, health, employment, immigration, HIV/AIDS, prisoner’s rights and elder law.
    • Criminal – Representation in criminal trials and appeals, parole revocation defense hearings.
    • Juvenile Rights – Representation for children who appear before the Family Court in matters involving child protective proceedings, juvenile delinquency, and PINS (People in need of supervision) and in appellate cases involving children.

    Student monthly passes will only be available through the Web sites of selected universities. In the participating universities, the students will have the ability to:

    A. Enroll in Quik-Tik:

    • Click on a NJ Transit Quik-Tik link from the university web site that will retrieve from the university student files a UNIQUE student identifier.
    • This UNIQUE student identifier will be passed to the Quik-Tik login Page. If the UNIQUE identifier passed by the university is already on file, the student cannot enroll. Only one enrollment per student is allowed. However, the student may login to manage the account. See Account Management Section.
    • At this point the student customer enrolling in Quik-Tik will go through all the required steps just like any other customer.
    • The UNIQUE student identifier will be stored as a field in the Membership table; this will identify that this pass is a student class, discounted monthly.

    B. Account Management.

    • This can be accomplished simply by access on the NJTRANSIT.COM site. (Not required to be from the secure university site.) The Quik-Tik Account is identified as a student class by the presence of the unique student id, which is stored in the Quik-Tik system.
    • When a student customer logs in to Quik-Tik to manage their account, if the login is not from the university web site, all account management functions are available except for the “Reactivate Previously Suspended Monthly Pass Mailing”.
    • Student customers may only “Reactivate Previously Suspended Monthly Pass Mailing” when they login from the University Web site.
    • Every time the student customer logs in to Quik-Tik from the university web site, it will pass the unique student identifier. This is needed for initial enrollment and also for “Reactivate Previously Suspended Monthly Pass Mailing”.
    • When a student “Temporarily Suspends the Monthly Pass”, the student will be presented with a message indicating that reactivation of a previously suspended student monthly pass may only be done by logging in to manage the account from the university web site.
    • When trying to reactivate the pass, if the student identifier passed by the university does not match the student identifier on file, they will not be allowed to reactivate. An error message will instruct them to contact NJTransit’s Quik-Tik department.

    Technical Requirements for University participation in student discounts

    • Secure channel connection (https) to the link ( "https://ww2.njtransit.com/qt/qt_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=QuikTikTo" on our server.
    • A POST with the following parameters:
      1. "university_code" For the 4 character unique University Id. (Having an SAT College ID assigned by The College Board is a prerequisite for participating in the University Partnership Program.)
      2. "student_id" A unique student ID assigned by the university up to 25 characters. The university must guarantee that this string is unique for every individual.
      3. “status” (optional) which can be used for student’s already enrolled in Quik-Tik to be taken to the login screen.
    • Transmission of "Referer” http header for basic validation
    • Full URL of the page the Referer header references.
    • The main assumption is that each university/college has its own web site, and that each full time student has access to that web site. It is also assumed that each full time student has a unique University student ID or login ID that can be passed to NJ Transit as part of the process. It is the responsibility of the university to ensure that their system allows only current full time students to have access to the NJ Transit Quik-Tik link from the participant’s web site.

      Because each university or college's web implementation is specific to their environment, our requirements are intended to be generalized enough to allow for maximum participation.

      In essence, a college wishing to participate with NJ Transit will provide NJT with its unique 4-character SAT code. They also need to provide us with the full URL of the page that they wish to link to us from. We do not validate on partial URLs. This URL must be static. It can not contain any variable information. The provided information will be added to our University Table. This must be done prior to any testing or attempts to connect to QuikTik from the school web site will fail validation and therefore not get the student discount.

      For the sake of example, let’s say that John Birck University (JBU) wants to participate. They provide us with their unique university id of "1234". They provide us with the URL of the page they will be linking to us from http://www.jbu.edu/student_deals.htm.

      In the case of JBU, the following html examples will help to clarify. The student ID that we will use is in these examples is JBU1234567.

      To enroll:

      Enroll for NJ Transit Student Pass

      Student ID:

      To login:

      Login into NJ Transit Quik-Tik

      Student ID:

      NJ Transit, on receiving the request, looks up the UNID in its database and validates that the "referer" header is the same as the URL provided to us by the university (i.e., that the student is logged into the university and linking to us from the appropriate page). NJ Transit then combines UNID and STID into a single unique identifier for the individual and allows the student to either signup for Quik-Tik (at the appropriate discount), or manage their account.

      University Testing Procedure

      Once a school provides their credentials (SAT code and Referer URL) and it has been confirmed that they have been added to the NJ Transit University Table, a diagnostic program can be run from the URL: https://ww2.njtransit.com/qt/qt_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=QTDiagTo to validate whether the university’s process is compatible with the above specifications. This diagnostic URL should be placed in the action attribute of the form element with the appropriate values for university_code and student_id as follows:

        Student ID:

  • All services are daily unless otherwise indicated day. 

    Additional Financial Resources

    - Financial Aid

    - LaGuardia Foundation Scholarship

    - Public/Private Scholarships

    - Hunger and Homelessness Resource Booklet

    For more information, visit our office.

    Single Stop

    Location: Room C-107

    Phone: 718-482-5135

    Email: singlestop@lagcc.cuny.edu

    Office Hours:
    Monday & Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Friday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.