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    • "Guidance on Public Benefits," Community College Daily
      Connecting college students to non-academic supports, in addition to financial aid, can help remove some of the barriers to access and completion. Read more.

    • "For Striving Students, a Connection to Money," New York Times blog
      What interests colleges is whether Single Stop can actually keep students in school. Goldrick-Rab looked at the early data from CUNY colleges Kingsborough (Single Stop’s first community college program) and LaGuardia. She compared retention rates of Single Stop clients to a group of other students considered economically disadvantaged who didn’t use the service. Although the Single Stop students were most likely much poorer, a year after the program began their retention rates were 32 percentage points higher — 66 percent of other students re-enrolled the next semester, but 98 percent of the Single Stop students did. LaGuardia showed similar results. Read more.

    • "College Hunger," FOX 5 NY
      Michael Baston, vice president for Student Affairs, was featured in a FOX 5 segment commenting on hunger across college campuses and how it has become a growing concern for students like Rema Marks, mother of three who began LaGuardia after 20 years of being out of school.  LaGuardia provides students with an on-campus Food Pantry that offers non-perishable food items to students in need. 

    • LaGuardia Community College Receives Grant to Connect Students with Public Benefits  
      LaGuardia Will Pilot Model as Part of $4.84 Million Initiative 
      Long Island City, NY—This fall, LaGuardia Community College will join six other colleges nationwide that are testing new strategies to help students complete college by integrating public benefit screening and application assistance into the college’s existing services and supports. Read more