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    Developing the new generation of Theatrical Artist by empowering them through opportunities to discover and begin the journey in mastering their Artistry.

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    AS in Theatre LaGuardia Community College
    2 Year Path

    First Year Example

    Freshman Year
    1st Semester
    Credits Freshman Year
    2nd Semester
    HUT101 Art of Theatre 3 HUT115 Script Analysis 3
    HUT110 Acting 1 3 HUT111 Acting II 3
    ENG101 English Composition - Required Core 3 ENG102 Writing through Literature 3
    Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning – Required Core
    Choose one: MAT 107, 112, 115, 117, 119 or 120
    3 Life and Physical Sciences- Required Core
    Choose One: SCB101, 203, SCC 101, SCP 101,140
    TOTAL without 2nd Session 12  TOTAL without 2nd Session  12

    Optional: 2nd Session or add classes to regular session Credits Optional: 2nd Session or add classes to regular session Credit
    Required or Flexible Core 3 Required or Flexible Core 3
    TOTAL 15  TOTAL 15 

    Goal: End of year one, have 30 credits to graduate on time.

    Second Year Example

    Sophomore Year
    1st Semester
    Credits Sophomore Year
    2nd Semester
    HUT122 Intro to Design 3 HUN245 NY Theatre Experience or 
    HUT250 Voice and Movement
    HUT210 Theatre History: Prehistory to Renaissance 3 HUT211 Theatre History: Renaissance to Modern Times 3
    HUT195 Theatre Prod Workshop 3 HUT299 Experiential Learning 3
    Theatre Elective
    Choose One: HUT 230, HUT 175 or HUM 201 or 202
    3 Theatre Elective
    Choose One: HUT 230, HUT 175 or HUM 201 or 202
    TOTAL without 2nd Session 12  TOTAL without 2nd Session  12 

    Optional: 2nd Session or add classes to regular session Credits Optional: 2nd Session or add classes to regular session Credit
    Required or Flexible Core 3 Required or Flexible Core 3
    TOTAL 15  TOTAL 15 

    Goal: End of year two, have 60 credits to graduate and transfer.

    Theatre Electives (choose one of the following):

    HUT175 Directing for the Stage (only offered in the Spring Term)
    HUT230 Acting III (only offered in the Fall Term)

    Require Core Classes include:

    Choose one: ENG101, ENG102
    Choose one: SCB101, 203, SCC 101, SCP 101,140
    Choose one: MAT107, 112, 115, 117, 119 or 120

    Flexible Core *suggested classes* choose one from each category:

    Individual and Society

    HUP102 Critical Thinking
    HUP104 Ethics and Moral Issues
    SCH150 Drugs, Society and Human Behavior
    SCH210 Human Sexuality

    Scientific World

    ELL101 Introduction to Language
    HUC119 Non-Verbal Communication
    SSY101 General Psychology

    World Cultures and Global Issues

    HUN245 NY Theatre Experience
    ENG266 Shakespeare
    ENG270 Intro to Poetry
    HUN192 Art and Society

    US Experience and its Diversity

    HUT220 Contemporary Latina/o Theatre
    SSP101 US Power & Politics
    HUC270 American Film

    Creative Expressions

    ELE110 Arts in Education
    ENG271 Poetry Writing
    ENG238 Screenwriting
    ENG265 The Drama

    See flexible sequence for students with basic skills needs.

    The Theatre Program, offered through the Humanities Department, leads to an Associate of Science (AS) degree and provides students with skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a wide spectrum of careers in the theatre.

    Students develop performance-based skills through a combination of classroom training and theatre experience. Participation in productions — classic and modern plays, musicals, developmental readings, and student productions — will be a part of every students’ program.

    Students also gain a foundation in academic theatre. Studies include the ability to analyze, critically assess and write about theatre through rigorous courses in theatre history, dramatic analysis and the contemporary New York theatre scene.

    This balanced approach to the AS in Theatre degree provides students with a strong foundation in which to pursue a career in performance or production (acting, directing, stage managing, producing) or a scholarly career (critic, dramaturge, historian, teacher, playwright).

    Each year, the Theatre Program participates in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, selected students participate in competitions, workshops, and auditions for Four-year schools and professional theatre companies.

    More Information for LaGuardia Performing Arts Center

    More Information for HB Studios

    Production Director Semester
    Summer Shorts Garrett Neergaard Spring II ’19
    Dog Sees God Patrick Surillo Spring II ‘19
    Water By The Spoonful Garrett Neergaard Spring I ‘19
    Gun Violence Marcus Harvey Fall II ‘18
    Electra Stefanie Sertich Fall I ‘18
    Columbus is Happening Stefanie Sertich Spring I ‘18
    The House of Bernarda Alba Javier Gonzalez Rodriguez Spring '17
    Intersections Stefanie Sertich & Steven Hitt Spring '17
    Tweeting Ives Leigh Selting (Guest Events)  Fall '16
    Dogwood Garrett Neergaard  Fall '16
    Passing Strange  Stefanie Sertich  Spring '16
    What Are You Afraid Of? Garrett Neergaard Fall '15
    Our Lady of 121st Street Garrett Neergaard Spring '15
    Beyond Sacred: Thinking Muslim Identity Stefanie Sertich & Steven Hitt Winter '15
    The Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo Stefanie Sertich Fall '14
    Lonely Lila Handan Ozbilgin Fall '14
    In The Heights Stefanie Sertich Spring '14
    Unpacking Home Stefanie Sertich & Steven Hitt Fall '13
    Almost Maine Garrett Neergaard Fall '13
    The Factory Stefanie Sertich Spring '13
    Anna in the Tropics Jason Rameriez Fall '12
    Little Shop of Horrors Jason Rameriez Spring '12


    A unique documentary film produced by LaGuardia Community College, directed by Sandy Chase and featuring LaGuardia theatre students, exploring the history of racial issues throughout the U.S., premiering at the 2017 Queens World Film Festival. The film elegantly weaves together a historical account of housing segregation in Rosedale, Queens, with a fictional portrayal of a black family trying to integrate into a predominantly white Chicago suburb in scenes from A Raisin in the Sun, and interviews with LaGuardia theatre students about their first-hand experiences with gentrification.

    Shown in the 9th Annual CUNY Film Festival on April 28th, 2017

    Raisin Rosedale

    Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival

    Each year, LaGuardia Community College participates in the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival, Region 1. The festival is an opportunity for students to compete and experience more training in areas of acting, directing, arts management, dramaturgy, playwriting, design and tech management. Students who attend the annual festival are also exposed to four-year colleges in CUNY, SUNY and Universities in the states of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

    Students audition for summer internships, fellowships and transfer opportunities. Currently, our students are transferring to Boston University, Pace University, Marymount of Manhattan, The New School, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, Lehman College, Queens College, Dean College, SUNY New Paltz and others. Our students have also been accepted and receiving scholarships to Commonwealth Shakespeare and Margolis Method Training Center in Barcelona.

    For more information please visit the Region 1 website.

    Here is a list of our Achievements at KCACTF:

    • Julio Trinidad - National Finalist 2nd Place, Irene Ryan Acting Competition, 2015, Mark Twain Comedy Award, 2015, Margolis Method Training Scholarship, 2015, Region 1 Irene Ryan Acting Competition Winner, 2014 and 2015
    • John Cosentino - Finalist, Region 1 Irene Ryan Acting Competition 2014
    • Ahsan Ali - National Winner- Best Supporting Actor in the play, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (National Festival), 2015
    • Fe Tores - National Runner-up Irene Ryan Acting Competition 2016, Region 1 Irene Ryan Acting Competition Winner, 2016
    • Barbara Kanellakopoulos - Finalist, Region 1 Irene Ryan Acting Competition 2016
    • Cory Fletcher – Finalist, Region 1 Irene Ryan Acting Competition 2016
    • Viguens Louis – National Arts Leadership Winner for Region 1, 2016
    • Jose Reyes - National Arts Leadership Winner for Region 1, 2017
    • Aliyah Murchison – National Award, Passing Strange - Distinguished Actress in a Musical, 2017
    • Jehan Have – National Award, Passing Strange - Distinguished Actor in a Musical, 2017
    • Ensemble of Passing Strange – National Award, Distinguished Ensemble in a Musical, 2017​
    • I need to check my LAGCC provided email at least once a day for notices about class work, rehearsal updates, and additional opportunities.
    • I need to be ready to work at the given start time. It is up to me to arrive early so that I am in proper attire, warmed up and ready to go when that start time comes. I understand that walking in at the start time is not appropriate and that being repeatedly late or absent or having a poor attitude will result in disciplinary measures from the department.
    • If I am running late, I need to contact my stage manager or the person in charge as soon as I know I am going to be late with my best estimation of my arrival.
    • I am expected to work outside of class/rehearsal to be prepared for that class/ rehearsal.
    • If I am unprepared, I am taking away from the work and experience of my fellow students.
    • When I am in the rehearsal room, I am focused on the work at hand and everything else gets set aside – cell phones are not used except on breaks; personal matters are left at the door as much as possible; etc.
    • Coming to class/rehearsal intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic jeopardizes my place in that class/production and as a theatre major in general.

    LaGuardia’s Theatre program is articulated with Queens College and Lehman College allowing for all 60 credits earned to transfer towards a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, provided the following requirements are met:

    • Associate in Science degree completion
    • Good Academic Standing
    • Grade of C or better in required courses

    If you meet these requirements, 60 credits will count as transfer credits toward the BA program at Queens, and Lehman. An additional 60 credits will be required to earn a baccalaureate degree.