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  • Research in the Natural Sciences Department at LaGuardia

    Faculty in the Natural Sciences Department conduct research work here at LaGuardia and in collaborations with external institutions within the CUNY system and beyond. The Department hosts a research lab, which houses state of the art instruments and facilities. Students interested in conducted research are advised to discuss the opportunities available with individual professors in the Department. Click here to see the list of Faculty in the Department, and then click on a name to see the research interests and activities of that Professor.


    Opportunities for Undergraduate Research  


    The Natural Sciences Department at LaGuardia attaches great importance to Undergraduate Research, and opportunities for such research activities are regularly available in the Department. Undergraduate research is a key element of science education in the modern world, and it is a valuable asset for students to progress their academic and/or professional careers. The success of the program in the Natural Sciences Department can be seen from the research presentations given by our students at many national conferences  and symposia (New York State CSTEP conference, CUNY-AGEP Science Fair, Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students), as well as research publications in high impact journals. 


    Importance of Undergraduate Research  


    In conducting leading edge research, students gain valuable experience, and acquire new skills, such as asking appropriate questions, creating working hypotheses, designing relevant experiments, problem solving, interpreting and rationalizing data generated and effectively disseminating the results to others. The latter can range from informal communications within the Department to the exciting opportunity of students presenting their work at conferences or publishing manuscripts in journals. All these activities are great to enhance the CV and, thus, improve future career prospects. Lastly, and by no means the least, through conducting research projects, students gain self-satisfaction, a great sense of achievement and contribute to knowledge generation in the world.

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