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  • Adult Basic Education & High School Equivalency Program


    This program is designed for all Deaf and hard-of-hearing students who communicate in American Sign Language and desire to improve their English and Math literacy in order to effectively communicate with their superiors and colleagues in the employment setting. All levels of reading and writing classes have access to sophisticated instructional technology, including computer labs and Smart classrooms. The program includes High School Equivalency (formerly G.E.D.) preparatory, English and Math classes and requires testing for reading, writing and math skills for appropriate placement. Make an appointment for the placement test with: Erlisa Koci, (917) 832-1138 Voice/VP.

    Information about the new TASC (replaces G.E.D. Exam)

    Click here to download an information sheet in PDF format about the new TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion), which will replace the G.E.D. Exam in New York State starting in January 2014.

    TABE Reading & Writing and/or Math Placement Exam

    You must take a TABE reading and writing and/or math pre-placement test to register for our English and Math Literacy or High School Equivalency courses.

    High School Equivalency Predictor Exam

    To reserve a seat for the placement test, call Erlisa Koci at (917) 832-1138 Voice/VP or email EKoci@lagcc.cuny.edu.

    American Sign Language & English Literacy

    Beginning ASL & English for Deaf Adults 

    English Literacy

    Beginning Basic Education Level 1 for Deaf Adults 

    Beginning Basic Education Level 2 for Deaf Adults

    Pre-High School Equivalency Reading/Writing for Deaf Adults

    High School Equivalency Reading/Writing for Deaf Adults

    As a continuing education student, you may also have access to a self-contained academic class in writing and reading if you have college level English literacy skills. Course grades are determined by attendance, participation, grades on quizzes, homework assignments and a final exam.

    Basic Skills in Reading (BSR)

    Basic Skills in Writing (BSW)

    Math Literacy

    Pre-High School Equivalency Math for Deaf Adults

    High School Equivalency Math for Deaf Adults

    The Dual Access Math Program offers 2 levels of math classes that are designed to help you practice your computational skills using a variety of mathematical problems that can be applied in the work world or as preparation for the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion; replaces G.E.D.) math exam. The program requires placement testing prior to registration for an appropriate level.

    Introduction to Algebra (Dual Access)

    Elementary Algebra (Dual Access)

    For registration information, visit the How to Register site. To find out about the start and end dates of these quarterly classes, please visit the Course Schedule site. Please note that all course information is subject to change. 


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