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    Become a President's Society Ambassador!

    As a President's Society ambassador you will join a unique program that will help you build the strong foundation of practical skills and the networks of successful friends and mentors needed to get ahead in today's world. Whether you're interested in transferring to a four-year college or getting a job in your chosen field, the President's Society will give you the skills and guidance you need from successful professionals in all walks of life.

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    President's Society Program

    The President's Society program includes hands-on learning and off-campus experiences in four key areas:

    Career Planning: Interviewing, resume writing, networking with industry professinals

    Communications and Comportment: Public speaking, etiquette and dress

    Cultural Appreciation: Exposure to art, theatre, music and dance

    Community Service and Leadership: Support fellow students and serve as "Ambassadors" of the College

  • The President's Society FAQs

    President’s Society ambassadors gain valuable skills to increase their preparedness and confidence as they transition from a community college student to a workforce professional or 4 year college student. Ambassadors participate in a wide range of networking opportunities with professionals in various fields to help explore career and college options. Ambassadors broaden their horizons through dynamic cultural events and activities, and share memorable experiences with their peers, while building strong connections with influential supporters, and with other students who share their values and commitment. They engage in meaningful community outreach and acquire insights for personal development, which will help distinguish them from other graduates in the job market and college application pool. Ambassadors are representatives of the College and the LaGuardia Community College Foundation which funds the program providing a stipend of $1,250 for each student for their attendance and service for the semester in which they participate.

    President’s Society ambassadors are highly motivated students who ask questions, seek answers and demand more of themselves every day. Ambassadors have a will to change and are determined to reach their potential. They hold leadership positions at the College, maintain good academic standing, and demonstrate a consistent commitment to enhancing their lives and communities. They are self-starters who know how to take advantage of opportunities and they are people who try their hardest to fulfill their responsibilities.

    President’s Society workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30 PM in E-500 and Fridays from 10AM-2PM. To be eligible for President’s Society you will need to arrange your schedule so that you can make a firm commitment to attend all classes for either of these two sessions:

    • Session I. First Wednesday of Fall Session I to Last Wednesday in Fall Session II
    • Session II. First Wednesday in Fall Session II to Last Wednesday in Spring Session I

    In addition to the 13 weeks of classes, in Session I of each semester, all students selected for either session (Fall 2019 or Spring 2020) must ALSO commit to attending 8 lectures/workshops on Wednesday nights in Fall Session II.

    President’s Society ambassadors may be called upon at other unscheduled times to participate in:

    • Meetings and events with VIPs, Corporate Executives, donors and potential donors and the college president.
    • To attend cultural and community service events possibly on select weekends (or weekday evenings)

    Acceptance Criteria

    • Be enrolled full-time (12+ credits) at LaGuardia Community College
    • Have earned at least 18 credits by the end of the semester before the one for which you are applying
    • Maintain good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or above
    • Be an active participant in LaGuardia or in the local community
    • Show initiative, resilience, and fortitude in achieving success to date

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