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  • College Central

    College Central Network is the primary job posting service for LaGuardia Community College. College Central Network services allow both students and alumni to find employment and access information on career related programs and events. Once you are registered, the College Central Network System allows you to:

    • Review job postings by approved employers.
    • Communicate via email with CPES Staff.
    • Upload your resume so that it can be searched by employers.*
    • Review your job history, AND
    • Receive e-mails about programs, services and job-related topics.

    *Note: All resumes must be reviewed and approved by an Employment Specialist. who is available to assist you with the registration process.

    College Central Network Services help LaGuardia Community College students and alumni find jobs

    Your online job search starts by clicking HERE

    Once you get to our College Central Network Services page, follow these steps:

    • If you are working on your own computer, add this page to Favorites on your Internet Explorer browser (Note: Do not use Netscape)
    • Click the icon for ‘Students’ or ‘Alumni’
    • Take a moment to read about the services available to you
    • Click Register Now

    When you register for the first time:

    • Enter an ID password that you will easily remember. You will need to enter the password twice for confirmation.
    • After saving your ID and password, complete all required fields (marked with a red *).
    • Please make sure that you enter a current and correct email address.
    • Please be sure to indicate types of jobs and job targets that are of interest to you. This will make it easier for counselors to find your record and contact you.

    After completing your registration, you will be sent to your ‘home page’ where you may start to upload your resume or search jobs.

    • Click Upload A Resume to post your resume. Word, PDF and Rich Text files are accepted.
    • Once you have uploaded a resume, this link will be called: Upload New Resume
    • Click Search Jobs Posted to My School to see jobs posted to (School Name).
    • Click Search CCN’s Jobs Central to see jobs posted to all schools that use College Central Network Services.

    Visit La Guardia College Central Network Services often to:

    • Check General Announcements and notices of Upcoming Programs and Events. After you click ‘Students’ or ‘Alumni’ at La Guardia College Central Network Services, you notice that General Announcements and notices of Upcoming Programs and appear on the Student and Alumni pages.
    • Upload an updated resume and search new jobs. After you click ‘Students’ or ‘Alumni’ then click Student Central or Alumni Central to long in and access your ‘home page’. Our school name will be “pre-filled” for you. All you need to do is enter your ID and password.

    For Best Results

    • Add La Guardia College Central Network Services to Favorites on you home computer.
    • Keep your ID and password in an accessible, but secure place.
    • Ask your counselor to review and critique your resume before you upload it
    • Have draft cover letters available to help you apply online for jobs.
    • Do not limit your search only to jobs in your major.
    • Check La Guardia College Central Network Services regularly for new jobs and announcements.