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National Day on Writing

When: Monday, October 21, 2019 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Where: E-Building, E-242


To usher in the new academic year, the English Department’s Creative Writing Committee invites all LaGuardians—faculty, staff, and students from all disciplines, departments, and majors—to join us in celebrating the National Day on Writing! Writing is vital to all disciplines and in all of our lives. We encourage all LaGuardians to reflect on the reasons why they write and to celebrate the importance of writing. The National Day on Writing is observed on October 20th each year, but since it falls on a Sunday, LaGuardia will celebrate on Monday, October 21st. You can participate in the celebration in two ways:

First, the National Day on Writing is associated with the hashtag #WhyIWrite. Any time before October 21st, you can share reasons why you write, whether they’re personal, professional, or even a little zany, such as: “To organize my thoughts” or “To share my research on brown dwarf stars” or “To admire my stupendous penmanship. Breathtaking.” Tweet your responses using the hashtags #WhyIWrite and #LaGuardiaCC. Be sure to tag LaGuardia’s twitter @LaGuardiaCC. No Twitter, no problem! You can also write your responses on posters that will be placed around campus the week of September 23rd. Or, send your responses and responses that you collect from students via email to Dr. Carrie Conners at or campus mail. We want to hear from as many LaGuardians as possible, so chime in and spread the word!

Second, you can celebrate the National Day on Writing at a writing open house on October 21st in E-242 from 2-4pm. There will be fun writing activities and giveaways for students (see attached flyer for details and please share with students) as well as a public reading of LaGuardians’ responses to #WhyIWrite.