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      • Meet our experts, explore careers, and discover how to succeed in the construction industry
      • Learn the phases of the construction process: plan, coordinate and build from conception to completion

    1. (Central Service Technician, Pharmacy Technician and Dietary Manager)
      • Learn everything you need to know about these booming fields and how you can make the greatest impact
      • Get the inside scoop on how to take the next step into a career as a Dietary Manager
      • From “Pills and Potions” to “Keeping it Sterile,” our industry experts are your guides to a lucrative future

    2. (IT Fundamentals, Cloud Computing, SOC Analyst Introduction to Python, Network Technology and Digital Marketing)
      • Explore the lucrative, fast growing and high demand IT field in this interactive session
      • Get key tips on what effective Digital Marketing can do for your business
      • Discover what’s in store for the next generation of IT careers in cloud computing and Python
      • Connect with our industry experts, who can help guide you towards an IT career path that is right for you

      • Find out about requirements and skills needed to break into or advance in the field of building operations
      • Get tips on hot careers in refrigeration and building maintenance from our industry experts

      • If you have a passion for business and entrepreneurship, join us for an interactive workshop to explore strategies for leadership, networking and conflict resolution
      • Learn about our Business Skills Enhancement Workshop Series that can enhance your career
      • Find out how you can stand out from the competition with our Administrative and Microsoft Office certifications

      • Wellness is the ultimate state of wholeness. Do you want to know more about treating the mind and body through holistic practices? Join us for an interactive workshop and explore how to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance for yourself and your clients
      • Learn about our “Discover Wellness: A Healthy Balance” courses that can help you become a Wellness Coach

    3. (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Coding and Spanish/English Medical Interpreter)
      • Begin a career in one of the fastest growing healthcare fields in the U.S.
      • Meet with our industry experts and find out how you can provide crucial support to patients by becoming a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant or Medical Coder

      • Learn the skills necessary to become a tax professional
      • Explore what a potential career path will look like in the world of tax preparation.

      • Explore New York State Education Department mandated workshops
      • Ask our industry experts if a teaching career is right for you

      • Learn how to drive innovation, build a successful product, and bridge the gap between concept and execution.
      • Chat with our experts on what skills you need to shape the world through product design


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