• What You Need to Know Now

    The City University of New York was founded on the principle of equal access and opportunity.  LaGuardia’s longstanding commitment to welcoming, protecting and supporting our students, regardless of immigration status, has not wavered since our founding. We remain committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and will steadfastly continue to offer a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds. LaGuardia Community College will take any steps available under the law to protect and support our undocumented students.  


    NY DREAM Act gives undocumented and other students access to New York State‐administered grants and scholarships that support their higher education costs.

    The NY DREAM Act opens the doors of higher education to thousands of students, providing access to the new Excelsior Scholarship, the Tuition Assistance Program, as well as other state‐administered scholarships that were not previously available to them.

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  • Know the Facts about Public Charge

    UPDATE (08/13/19): The Department of Homeland Security finalized its “public charge” regulation — a racially-motivated “wealth test” that rigs the rules against immigrants and their families who are on the pathway to a green card. If the Trump Administration gets its way, countless families will be devastated.

    Immigrants who are concerned about how the public charge rule might affect them or their loved ones can call ActionNYC at 311 or 1-800-354-0365 and say ‘public charge’ to access City-funded, trusted legal advice.

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  • For Immediate, Confidential Legal and Financial Help:

    If you or a family member are worried about your immigration status or your ability to stay in school, we urge you to check out these resources and services.
    LaGuardia Cares – Room C-107, 718-482-5135 – connects you with federal and state financial resources, legal counseling on campus and local community services.

    The LaGuardia Community College Foundation – Room E-511, 718-482-5010 – offers you financial support in the form of scholarships, MetroCards, textbooks, and other emergency needs.
    LaGuardia’s Wellness Center – Room C-249, 718-482-5471 – offers free confidential counseling on campus. 

    LaGuardia’s Student Information Center – Call 718-482-5935, email callcenter@lagcc.cuny.edu, or visit the M-Building Lobby.

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    Public Charge Rule
    It will go into effect on October 15, 2019. The rule will penalize low- and middle-income immigrants applying for a Green Card or certain types of visas, for using certain public benefits for which they are eligible.

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    DACA renewal applications are being accepted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. No new applications are being accepted for those who have never had DACA.

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    Entry to the US is banned for certain international citizens; consulting with an immigration lawyer prior to travel is advised.